aptly snapshot verify

Verifies dependencies between packages in snapshot <name> and reports unsatisfied dependencies. Command might take additional snapshots as dependency sources.


$ aptly snapshot verify <name> [<source> ...]


  • name is snapshot name which has been given during snapshot creation
  • source is a optional list of snapshot names which would be used as additional sources

If additional sources are given, depdencies would be searched for in full list of <name> and <source> snapshots.

If architectures are limited (with config architectures or option -architectures), only mentioned architectures are checked for internal dependencies, otherwise aptly will check all architectures in the snapshot.

By using -dep-follow-source global flag you can verify that snapshot has all source packages available to re-build packages from source.


$ aptly snapshot verify snap-deb2-main
Missing dependencies (7):
  oracle-instantclient11.2-basic [i386]
  scsh-0.6 [amd64]
  fenix [amd64]
  fenix-plugins-system [amd64]
  mozart (>= 1.4.0) [amd64]
  scsh-0.6 (>= 0.6.6) [amd64]
  oracle-instantclient11.2-basic [amd64]