aptly snapshot merge

Command merges several source snapshots into new destination snapshot. Merge happens from left to right. By default, packages with the same name-architecture pair are replaced during merge (package from latest snapshot on the list wins).

With -latest flag, package with latest version wins. With -no-remove flag, all versions of packages are preserved during merge.

If only one snapshot is specified, merge copies source into destination.


$ aptly snapshot merge <destination> <source> [<source>...]


  • destination is a name of the snapshot that would be created
  • source is a list of snapshot names that would be merged together


  • -latest: use only the latest version of each package
  • -no-remove: don’t remove duplicate arch/name packages


$ aptly snapshot merge debian-w-backports debian-main debian-backports

Snapshot debian-w-backports successfully created.
You can run 'aptly publish snapshot debian-w-backports' to publish snapshot as Debian repository.