aptly snapshot filter

Applies filter to contents of snapshot source producing destination snapshot. All packages from source snapshot matching any of the package queries (optionally with all their dependencies from source) are used to build new snapshot destination.


$ aptly snapshot filter <source> <destination> <package-query> ...


  • source is a snapshot name where packages would be searched
  • destination is a name of the snapshot that would be created
  • package-query is a list of package queries, in the simplest form, name of package to be pulled from source could be specified


Filter command is almost identical to aptly snapshot pull empty source destination query (empty being empty snapshot), the differences are:

  • pull by default includes only first matching package
  • pull honors -architectures flag and would pull only packages with mentioned architectures, while filter command would use package query as given to match packages (one might use $Architecture (i386) in query to limit architectures)


$ aptly snapshot filter wheezy-main wheezy-main-required 'Priority (required)'
Loading packages (31661)...
Building indexes...

Snapshot wheezy-main-required successfully filtered.
You can run 'aptly publish snapshot wheezy-main-required' to publish snapshot as Debian repository.