aptly repo edit

Command edit allows to change metadata of local repository: comment, default distribution and component.


$  aptly repo edit <name>

Params are:

  • name is a local repository name


  • -comment="": any text that would be used to described local repository
  • -component="": default component when publishing
  • -distribution="": default distribution when publishing
  • -uploaders-file="": uploaders.json to be used when including .changes into this repository

Distribution and component would be used as defaults when publishing repository either directly or via snapshot.

If -uploaders-file flag is given, contents of the file are parsed and attached to local repository. This would be per-repository upload restriction used by aptly repo include command. To remove uploaders restriction for the repository, use empty value: -uploaders-file="".


$ aptly repo edit -comment="Nightly builds" -distribution=wheezy testing
Local repo [testing]: Nightly builds successfully updated.