aptly repo create

Create local package repository. Repository would be empty when created, packages could be added to the repository from local files, copied or moved from another local repository or imported from the mirror.


$  aptly repo create <name>

Params are:

  • name is a name that would be used in aptly to reference this repository


  • -comment="": any text that would be used to described local repository
  • -component="main": default component when publishing
  • -distribution="": default distribution when publishing
  • -uploaders-file="": uploaders.json to be used when including .changes into this repository

Distribution and component would be used as defaults when publishing repository either directly or via snapshot.

If -uploaders-file flag is given, contents of the file are parsed and attached to local repository. This would be per-repository upload restriction used by aptly repo include command.

Local package repository contents could be also initialized from snapshot:

$ aptly repo create <name> from snapshot <snapshot>

The only difference from aptly repo create <name> command is that initial repository contents would be copied from snapshot <snapshot>. This is useful to “roll back” to some state captured in the snapshot.


$ aptly repo create -comment="Nightly builds" testing

Local repo [testing] successfully added.
You can run 'aptly repo add testing ...' to add packages to repository.