aptly publish drop

Remove files belonging to published repository. aptly would try to remove as many files belonging to this repository as possible. For example, if no other published repositories share the same prefix, all files inside prefix would be removed.


$ aptly publish drop <distribution> [[<endpoint:>]<prefix>]
  • distribution is a distribution name for published repository (as displayed by aptly publish list).
  • endpoint is publishing endpoint, if not specified, it would default to empty endpoint (local file system).
  • prefix is an optional prefix for publishing, if not specified, prefix is considered to be ..


  • -force-drop: drop published repository even if component cleanup fails
  • -skip-cleanup: don’t remove unreferenced files in prefix/component

Usually -force-drop isn’t required, but if due to some corruption component cleanup fails, -force-drop could be used to drop published repository. This might leave some published repository files left under public/ directory.


$ aptly publish drop squeeze-backports
Removing /var/aptly/public/dists/squeeze-backports...
Removing /var/aptly/public/pool/contrib...