aptly mirror edit

Command edit allows to change mirror settings: filter query, whether to include dependencies while filtering, list of architectures to process.


$ aptly mirror edit <name>

Params are:

  • name is a mirror name (given when mirror was created)


  • -archive-url=: flag to change archive url 1.2.0
  • -filter=: package query which is applied to packages in the mirror, set to empty to disable filtering
  • -filter-with-deps: when filtering, include dependencies of matching packages as well
  • -architectures=: global flag to change architectures list.
  • -ignore-signatures: disable verification of Release file signatures 1.2.0
  • -keyring=trustedkeys.gpg: gpg keyring to use when verifying Release file (could be specified multiple times) 1.2.0
  • -with-installer: download additional not packaged installer files 1.4.0
  • -with-sources: download source packages in addition to binary packages
  • -with-udebs: download .udeb packages (Debian installer support)

In order to apply new filtering settings, update mirror.


$ aptly mirror edit -filter=nginx -filter-with-deps wheezy-main
Mirror [wheezy-main]: http://mirror.yandex.ru/debian/ wheezy successfully updated.

$ aptly mirror edit -architectures=i386,amd64 sensu
Downloading http://repos.sensuapp.org/apt/dists/sensu/Release...
Mirror [sensu]: http://repos.sensuapp.org/apt/ sensu successfully updated.