See how it is clean and simple

Mirror repository

Take and update mirrors of any Debian/Ubuntu remote repository.

Publish your packages

Manage your own repositories of packages, merge them with offical and publish the result.

Take snapshot

At any point in time, take snapshot of the mirror to fix current set of packages.

Publish snapshot

Any snapshot could be published back as repository (only HTTP server is required).

Merge snapshots

Merge two or more snapshots into one snapshot: e.g. merge wheezy and wheezy-updates.

Upgrade package versions

New package version available in backports? Pull only single package with dependencies from backports into snapshot of stable repository.

Filter repository

Don't download packages that are not required, controlling dependencies between them.

Publishing to S3

Publish your repositories directly to Amazon S3 as public or private repositories.

Package search

Search for specific packages, their inclusion into snapshots, etc.


Upload packages using HTTP, manage your repositories, snapshots, published repositories etc.